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Laminated, full color, double sided, business card printing and design

High Quality at the Lowest Prices!Sphere Design is an industry leader with over 15 years experience in the creation of innovative business card design and business card printing. Marketing and promoting your business is vital today in order to distinguish yourself from your fierce competition. Considering this fact, any business should interrogate itself on the quality of probably the most important marketing tool it possesses today: its business card. Opportunities are often lost because the image portrayed trough a business card does not really reflect what the company is all about. Your business should not suffer the same consequences. Thus, by purchasing our cards, we will make sure to offer you nothing but the best.

Have you ever thought of using your business card as a promotional tool other than the traditional first contact introduction? Well we might have just sparked you a good idea for some goood use of your next order of business cards. Imagine using it as a mail-in rebate coupon, a free pass, a clothing label, an appointment card or any other form of advertisement, all these can help increase revenues for your business. Advertisement possibilities are endless.

Don’t settle for less!

We provide the best quality business cards. All our products including our business cards are printed in offset, alot of companies print with digital products but quality is compromised. The quality you get for your business card printing is on a 15pts coated super white stock, in full color process & double sided. Our laminated business cards have all the great features required for you to impress your clients. In comparison to UV coated cards, which are simply finished with the process of heating ink over the card stock, laminated business cards have an extra plastic film over them assuring the rigidity and preventing the cards from being damaged.

Do you have pictures in mind, an address, a phone number, a website, an email, or other important information about your business you would like to publish? With our double sided business cards, space is not an issue. Our experienced designers will create a setup fulfilling your highest expectations. A winning combination of both print and art will give us the upper edge on what the final product will look like. No surprise, what you see is what you get! Our clients are all referrals or word of mouth. It’s very simple: with good work, comes great achievements!

Masterpieces come from ones mind!

We are in an era where computers get faster & faster, softwares are getting more customized to our needs, technology progresses like a lightning and many companies in the printing industry are taking a jump with new tools. There is one thing that is with out a doubt the best possible tool one has and that’s a creative mind. There is no software possible to create your business card design as good as an experienced and creative graphic designer. Millions of images, fonts, colors and layout possibilities are being left aside by these new create it yourself tools. You will be noticed with your good first impression why not make the best of it get a custom business card design done with the full impact of proper color combinations, good usage of nice fonts and a well designed business card layout!

Service is one of our main priorities. We will assure you a fast and reliable delivery of your package with total satisfaction guaranteed. We put alot of effort in our sample kit you will get to see what our business card designs are all about and feel the business card printing and other pruducts in your hands. Don’t hesitate to request a sample kit today!


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