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Printing Specs for all our printing products

Sphere Design provides the highest quality printing on the market today. Our printing equipment is at the fine edge of technology, with a calibration method able to reproduce the finest and highest intensity of colors available today.

Card Stock

The card stock we use is a thick super white 15 pts coated cardboard. On our Silky laminated products we us a 18pt coated cardboard We always ensure a quality paper stock in order to get the best results when printing. It’s simple, color richness is determined by paper brightness.

Printing process

Most of our printing is in four color process which means a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The CMYK colors printed together represent an unlimited amount of color combination. In other words, when it comes to colors, sky is the limit. While other printers have switched to digital laser printing and are struggling to provide acceptable prints, we remain committed to the superior quality offered by offset lithography. We employ a high-resolution 200 lpi (4800 dpi) screen for crisp clear photos and increased color gamut. Our prints have rich smooth solids without the streaking found in digital laser prints. With offset printing your company's image will look and feel more professional.

Laminated Finish

Lamination is the process of applying a plastic film over the cards. This process greatly enhances all the colors of your printing product. It also acts as a protection layer that prevents damage on you job. A lamination process applied to your ptinted product will assure an extended longevity in your client’s file book. Anything too make a long lasting business relation.

How to send your artwork?

Follow the printing specification guides. These are very important steps in order to get the best print for your product.

The graphic below represents the settings of a new image created from photoshop for a business card design. In the case where another product is selected ex: Post card, the name will be Post Card & the width will be 4.25 & 6.25 for the Height.


The final size of your business card is 2" x 3.5". When creating your design it is important to consider making the image size with Bleed. "Bleed" is the term used to indicate the area that will be cut off after your business card has been printed and cut to the final size. It is mandatory to add this to your design. We ask for a minimum of .25" (1/4") of bleed all around the card, making the final size of your design is 2.25" x 3.75".

Download the business card design template here.

Download the bookmark design template here.

Download the postcard design template here.

Download the invitation design template here.

Download the oversized postcard design template here.

Download the rounded corner or pvc design template here.

Image Resolution & Colors

When creating your file in photoshop make sure to initially put your image resolution at 300dpi (dots per inch). This is the best way to get crisp text and a non pixilated image. Colors should always be in CMYK mode, DO NOT USE RGB, this color mode is a screen view mode only and we cannot print in this mode because all our business cards are printed in four color process (CMYK)

File Formats

We accept all of the following file formats:

  • jpeg, bmp, tif, eps, psd, pdf, ai

Notice that all files sent from adobe illustrator (.ai) should have fonts in outline in order to print accurately.

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